The focus shouldn’t be on avoiding mistakes, but actually on how to learn from them.
Avoid letting your resolution fizzle and die within moments of its creation again
Breaking up. Dating. Keeping a brave face. Frustrated... all for something new.
Determine which it is for you, so you can finally let go
What if we just allowed "different" to be what it is
It's more than just chemistry.
Get a glimpse behind the scenes of my decision to do so
...and reap the benefits for what these do for you as well
...and shows others how to treat and respect you, too.
Discover the two core elements for a conscious relationship with your partner that’ll endure through the ups and downs of life.
You’re not going to get it just by blowing out birthday candles
Listening to all the shoulds just blows up your to do list exponentially. Refocus yourself, and tune within for your answers.