Hi, I’m Kat. I am a dating clarity coach empowering frustrated and discouraged singles boost their dating confidence by getting clear on who + what they want in a relationship, and gain tools to manifest their partner and cocreate their dream relationship that lasts.

That’s the now, but in my past, I was a burnt-out workaholic working in the tech industry. I left my corporate job and design career to embark on a journey to find my path + purpose after feeling lost without my job title and status.

After exploring the world and diving deep into the personal development world, I emerged with a new career path, a deeper passion for living life on my own terms, and the desire to share my personal story and experiences through writing to shorten and enhance your own journey.


You’ll be reading my personal behind-the-scenes stories on living intentionally and dating + loving consciously. You’ll also get a glimpse into my entrepreneurial journey while finding my work life harmony (to avoid burnout again) and building out my business that truly works for me (amongst the endless options and proven models. Yup, I’m instilling intentionality into my business as well).

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The one little thought of “there had to be more to life than this” kickstarted my pivot + transformation in life. Instead of continuing to churn and run the rat race, I wanted to create a life that I truly love and live more intentionally on my own terms.

I’ve also dived deep into dating + relationships out of my own personal interest in building a conscious relationship that truly works for both people, can endure life’s ups and downs, and has a deep, loving connection.

All that is to say… my why is simple. These are the stories + experiences that I wish I heard more about during my own journey. By sharing mine, I hope to shortcut yours to an intentional life and conscious relationship.

… and a THANK YOU

I’m truly grateful for your support through every subscribe, view, like, and comment. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my content!

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Kat Nieh @thoughtfullykat
Sharing my journey in living intentionally and dating + loving consciously